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Civil buildings

Health center, street Vodní, Prostějov

The construction and equipment of the medical center. The construction of the new building including utility connections and [...]

Trade, logistic and training center Prostějov

The construction of the new building including utility connections and paved areas. [...]

Hobby center Atlas, phase II

The new building of the shopping center. The construction was carried out in cooperation with the firm STRABAG, a. s. [...]

Sports complex E. Beneš’s estate, Prostějov

The part of the construction was construction work on modifying the grassy pitch, building of changing rooms, the constructio [...]

Reconstruction of the medical institution Medihope

The structural adjustment and the change of using the object to medical institution Medihope. The reconstruction of existing [...]

Structural adjustment of the Spa house Hanačka

The structural adjustment from 1st ground floor to 3rd floor and the superstructure of 4th floor of the Spa house Hanačka in [...]

Reconstruction of Sports Center (Children and youth center), Olympijská 4, Prostějov

The continuation of the reconstruction of the sports hall consists in the additional of locker rooms and the wellness center. [...]

The multifunctional hall, the center of sports and cultural activities, Němčice nad Hanou

The new building of the multifunctional sports hall including utility connections, fencing, roads and paved areas. [...]